Introduce your company to the global forwarder/freight community


Forwarder Mail Direct provides marketing campaign services for the global forwarder/freight community

Working with your company we craft a promotional business introduction which allows you to effectively reach out to more than 110,000 members of the global forwarder/freight community

To date we have run 55 campaigns for 19 clients


  What we do :

  • We work with your company to create a bespoke introductory mail campaign.

  • We then send the campaign to members of the global forwarder/freight community

  • Once the campaign is completed, we provide a report on the send activity. Click here for a sample report copy


What we do - Notes :

  • Our database has over 110,000 entries for the global forwarder/freight community

  • Pricing is based on a one time campaign broadcast or multiples thereof

  • Before sending, we screen the campaign using Spam Assassin to determine the predicted success/failure score. The lower the score the higher the probability that the email will not be flagged as Spam. Our aim is to keep the score lower than 0.5 Most campaigns to date have had a score of 0.0

  • Whilst our aim is for the recipient to respond to you, in practice many simply reply directly. In this case, we reply to the sender advising that we are on-forwarding to you and we copy you in cc

  • Please note - We do not endorse any company whom we transmit a campaign for. Please conduct your own due diligence


  Pricing :

  • Pricing for our introductory mail campaign is based on the physical size of the message sent and a single broadcast

  • The greater the amount of text/graphics will increase the message size and the amount of time/bandwidth to send

  • We have also found it is better to include few graphics as this can lead to the mail being blocked by the receiving server

  • Most campaigns we have sent are typically less than 70kb in size

  • We also offer reduced price pre-paid packages for clients who wish to send regular campaigns - See below


Forwarder Mail Direct Pricing - Applicable as at July 2017



Mail Campaign (broadcast) Size

Single Campaign Fee

Up to 100 kb

USD 650

More than 100 kb (Max 200 kb)

USD 750

Greater than 200 kb

Price on application


Forwarder Mail Direct Pre-Paid Pricing Packages - Applicable as at July 2017

Mail Campaign Size

Three Months

(or 3 campaigns)

Six Months

(or 6 campaigns)

Twelve Months

(or 12 campaigns)

Up to 100 kb

USD 1,875

USD 3,600

USD 6,900

More than 100 kb (Max 200 kb)

USD 2,175

USD 4,200

USD 8,100

Greater than 200 kb

Price on application

Price on application

Price on application

Pricing - Notes :

  • Pricing is based on a one time campaign broadcast or multiples thereof as per our pre-paid pricing plans

  • We offer reduced fees for members of FDRS associated networks. See the home page at for a list of our Associated Networks

  • Note - We require that the Network be copied on your application for any discount


  Our Clients


Clicking on an underlined client name will download the actual email campaign as sent



TSI Central Station  - South Africa


EMS Cargo Limited - United Kingdom


Triways Logistics (USA) Inc - USA


Distinct Services (GS) Ltd - United Kingdom

  • Distinct Services

  • The World Freight Partnership (WFP)

  • AOG Freight 247

  • Global Logistics Family (GLF)

Global Star Logistics (China) Co Ltd - China


TIME Shipping - Italy - 2X Campaigns


WWPC Network - USA


Overseas Project Cargo Association - 5X Campaigns


OceanAir Logistics - USA - 2X Campaigns


XP Network - Singapore - 4X Campaigns


Dacolog - Germany


Freightbook - UK


RW Solutions - Hong Kong

Worldwide Logistics Network (WLN) - Thailand


Maltese Line - Malta


FreightMidpoint - Turkey


Eliron Cargo Tracking - Hong Kong


Ecom Global Network - UK


Teleo-Logistics GMBH - Germany


Descartes Systems Group - USA



  Testimonials - Read what our clients say :

We recently relaunched our website and wanted to reach as many companies in the forwarder/freight community as possible. I have never used this kind of service before but our experience with Forwarder Mail Direct was excellent ! Quick replies, good advice and a detailed summary report at the end. Our analytics show a large increase in visitors to our new site and so we are very happy with the end result.

Rachel Humphrey, Founder, Freightbook -

Forwarder Mail Direct e-mail marketing campaign is a great tool to broadcast our company information. It is helping us a lot to promote our products and make our company well known. Thank you to the Forwarder Mail Direct team for such a good service ! Please bring more addresses to reach an even wider audience.

Didier Wittmer - XPNetwork, Singapore

Many thanks For your fantastic job !! I appreciate your prompt action, and also detail analysis report !! I am happy with all what you have done !! Thank you so much !!

Global Star Logistics (China) Co Ltd

Thank you so very much for your efforts in the marketing & promotional campaign for and on behalf of Triways International (USA) Inc. We have received over 250 responses and amongst those are several promising business opportunities. Thanks a lot for your great service.

Bobby Teoh - President - Triways Logistics (USA) Inc

Forwarder Mail Direct is a great, simple way of getting your Agent Name out into the Wide Cargo Agent World, in a simple cost effective manner. Hopefully the some 200 enquiries that we have already received lead onto some good business. Thanks Dave, Peter for all your help.

Chris Mills - Finance Director - EMS Cargo Limited

Thank you Forwarder Mail Direct for conducting our recent marketing campaign to those in the forwarder community. We have received more than 100 enquiries and some of them look quite promising. We appreciate your assistance very much.

David Kruyer - Chief Marketing Officer - TSI Central Station


Contact Dave for any further information required -


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